August 22, 2017 | Topics

Has Investment Advice Changed Over the Last Year?

The Boston Business Journal recently reached out to investment advisory firms, including Welch & Forbes, after releasing their annual Largest Investment Advisors in Massachusetts listing with the following question:

“How has the investment advice you’re currently providing your clients changed, if at all, in the last year?”

Welch & Forbes Portfolio Manager Drew Schneller answered their question as follows:

Drew Schneller Investment AdvisorWe continue to be of the view that the economic expansion in the U. S. will remain a shallow one but last longer in duration than historically. U. S. stocks passed their earnings trough last year and earnings growth this year should support equity valuations. Despite the Federal Reserve’s tightening bias monetary policy remains relatively accommodative due to low inflation expectations. Fiscal policy may provide a further boost to the economy later in the year. We maintain our bias to stocks relative to bonds. Improving economic conditions abroad may provide additional opportunities outside the U. S.”

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