Retirement Plan Rollovers and Transfers

May 23, 2018 Topics
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Retirement plan rollovers and trustee to trustee transfers often are misunderstood by individuals. They both involve moving retirement assets from one plan to another but differ in how they are executed and reported on an individual’s income tax return. A tax free rollover occurs when retirement assets are moved from one retirement plan to another […]

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Glossary of Fiduciary Terms [60+ Terms]

March 20, 2018 Topics
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The terminology used when discussing trusts and estates can often be unfamiliar and our glossary of fiduciary terms is designed to help you understand it better. If you have a question or would like information on any of our services, contact Ed Sullivan, Vice President, at 617-557-9800, or email him at For a printer-friendly […]

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Investment Implications of Dividend Reinvestment

November 20, 2017 Topics
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The average annual compound return of the stock market from 1928-2016 was 9.5% per year1, while stock market prices, not including dividends, advanced at a rate of 5.5% per year1. Using these numbers, one might conclude that 58% of returns come from price appreciation (since 5.5% is 58% of 9.5%) and that 42% comes from dividends. […]

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Has Investment Advice Changed Over the Last Year?

August 22, 2017 Topics
Investment Advice

The Boston Business Journal recently reached out to investment advisory firms, including Welch & Forbes, after releasing their annual Largest Investment Advisors in Massachusetts listing with the following question: “How has the investment advice you’re currently providing your clients changed, if at all, in the last year?” Welch & Forbes Portfolio Manager Drew Schneller answered their question […]

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8 Essential Items in Your Estate Plan

May 23, 2017 Topics
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Here are 8 items to assist you and your family in securing the essential components and goals of your estate plan: 1. A Will: A Last Will and Testament (a Will) provides instructions for distributing assets to your family and other beneficiaries. Your Will also appoints someone to be a Personal Representative (Executor) to pay final expenses, taxes, etc. and then […]

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3 Current IRS Areas of Focus

March 16, 2017 Topics
tax IRS

Periodically our tax department shares current IRS areas of focus. Here are 3 they recently shared that the IRS has been looking at over the past few years. 1. Charitable Contributions Regardless of amount, no deduction will be allowed for cash contributions unless the donor maintains either a bank record, including a cancelled check or credit […]

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Brexit Was No Mount Vesuvius

October 5, 2016 Topics

Located in the Gulf of Naples, Italy, Mount Vesuvius is the only active volcano in mainland Europe and has produced some of the continent’s largest volcanic eruptions.  Vesuvius is most famous for the 79 AD eruption which destroyed the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.  Vesuvius’ last eruption came in 1944. Volcanologists suggest that another […]

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