Our Approach to Investment Portfolio Management:
Putting Your Interests First

Once you begin working with Welch & Forbes, your portfolio manager will create a portfolio individually customized to meet your specific preferences and needs. We consider your financial objectives, attitude toward risk, tax situation, and time horizons.

Because we don’t rely solely on investment models or style boxes, we have the flexibility to use elements of both growth and value. The goal of this approach is designed to help protect your assets from long periods of under-performance, while seeking to take advantage of higher-performing asset classes.

We believe our investment approach – analyzing and selecting individual stocks, one by one, for client portfolios – has withstood the test of time. We emphasize risk-controlled investing in what we believe are high-quality, long-term equities that earn good returns at the right price.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you preserve and build wealth over the long run. To learn more about our investment portfolio management services, please complete our confidential contact form or call Ed Sullivan, Vice President, at 617-557-9800.