Investment Portfolio Management

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Comprehensive & Customized Investment Management

We develop a portfolio based on an investment approach that fits your goals and unique situation. Each portfolio is individually customized.

Your portfolio manager considers your personal financial objectives: the purposes for your resources, your spending, your tolerance for risk, your tax situation, any upcoming liquidity needs, your time horizon and the desire to incorporate your social values into your holdings.

Our understanding of these critical factors allows us to create a portfolio customized to help meet your long-term goals. Each portfolio is constructed based on in-depth research and harnessing the years of accumulated knowledge of our investment team.

In customizing the equity portion of portfolios, we typically invest in shares of high quality, growing companies purchased at reasonable valuations. We invest in small, medium, and large companies at various stages of growth. To generate income from stocks, we tend to focus on companies with histories of paying and growing their dividends. Our holding period for equities is generally long term and this low turnover approach helps enable us to be tax efficient.

We customize our fixed income portfolios. We consider many different categories of bonds that are best suited to a client’s needs, including U.S. treasuries, investment grade corporate and municipal bonds. Our focus is to invest in individual bonds generally laddered across a range of maturities. For corporate bonds, we add value through credit selection, not by trying to predict the direction of interest rates. We also invest in bond funds to complement fixed income portfolios in order to provide additional diversification and liquidity. Our fixed income strategy aims to create stability, generate income, and manage liquidity and risk.

As a fiduciary, we seek to mitigate any real or potential conflicts of interest that may come with serving in an investment management relationship. We do not earn any fees based on commissions.