W&F in the Media: Harvard Magazine

April 26, 2018 Announcements, Media

Harvard Magazine’s print and online content are examples of resources that inform alumni, faculty, staff, and friends, starting conversations locally and continuing them nationally. We welcome our presence in publications whose impact is felt across the region and beyond.

Below are a few examples of our Harvard Magazine presence over the past years.

Disclosure: The information provided within this piece is based on information we believe was current and accurate at the time of the original publication, and includes pictures and contact information of employees who are no longer with the Firm. These advertisements were paid for by Welch & Forbes and should not be considered as an endorsement by Harvard Magazine.


2017 harvard ad


2015 harvard ad


2010 harvard ad

To learn more about Harvard Magazine, go to harvardmagazine.com.

If you have spotted us in print or online recently, let us know. Call Ed Sullivan, Vice President, at 617-557-9800, email him at esullivan@welchforbes.com, or leave a message by completing the contact form on this page.

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