September 18, 2019 | News & Events

Barron's Ranks W&F Among The Nation's Top 50 Registered Investment Advisors

Welch & Forbes LLC is proud to be recognized as a top 50 Registered Investment Advisor in the United States for Barron’s 2019 rankings.

The firm is #30 on the publication’s list of the nation’s top 50 registered investment advisors.

If you would like to speak with Welch & Forbes regarding the list, call Ed Sullivan, Vice President, at 617-557-9800, or email him at

Disclosure: The Barron’s 2019 Top 50 Registered Investment Advisor rankings weighs dozens of qualitative and quantitative components, including assets managed, the size and experience of teams, and the regulatory records of the firm. To be considered for inclusion, Welch & Forbes submitted a survey, which was supplied and reviewed by Barron’s.

In order to qualify for this ranking, firms must have met the following criteria: (1) The firm is a formal legal entity [Corporation, LLC or LLP] and employs a formal CEO [For this response, Welch & Forbes LLC provided the CFO’s name, and disclosed that they hold the title of CFO in the submission], along with other C-suite executives. (2) The firm’s advisors are client-facing representatives who provide both fee-based investment advice and financial planning services. (3) The firm’s advisors are formal employees of the firm, not consultants or affiliates. (4) The firm’s advisors report their regulatory assets under management through the firm’s corporate ADV. (5) The firm provides advisors with technology, compliance and investment resources that foster a consistent client experience throughout the firm’s individual advisory practices. (6) The firm serves primarily private-wealth clients. Specifically: a majority [over 50%] of the firm’s regulatory assets under management should be attributable to some combination of these three categories of client: (6.1) individual investors [including mass affluent, HNW and UHNW] (6.2) charitable organizations/foundations (6.3) endowments. [For reference, these three categories are captured in the SEC’s form ADV as choices (a), (b) and (h) under Item 5.D. Question 2.]

Barron’s does not disclose how many firms were considered or applied for inclusion on the list.

Welch & Forbes does not pay a fee to be considered for or included in The Barron’s 2019 Top 50 Registered Investment Advisor ranking. Welch & Forbes is not required to be a member of or subscriber to Barron’s or any other group to be considered for or included in the rankings.

Welch & Forbes is not affiliated with Barron’s.