Our Team

Our highly personalized approach ensures that you can always talk with someone you know and trust.

The Welch & Forbes team is comprised of over 50 professionals and includes support personnel, a technology group and a fully staffed tax department. As a group, we’re rich in talent, deep in knowledge, and experienced in navigating the complex world of financial markets. We’re here to help you.


Peter P. Brown

Portfolio Manager

Pamela R. Chang

Portfolio Manager

Charles P. Curtis

Portfolio Manager

Naomi T. Dalessandro, CFA

Portfolio Manager

ben garfield portrait

Benjamin L.B. Garfield, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Seth Gelsthorpe

Portfolio Manager

Daniel R. Gorman

Portfolio Manager

Theodore E. Ober

Portfolio Manager

Drew M. Schneller, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Adrienne G. Silbermann, CFA

Director of Research Portfolio Manager

Benjamin J. Williams, Jr.

Portfolio Manager

justin wolstenholme portrait

Justin T. Wolstenholme, CFA, CFP®

Portfolio Manager

Other Professionals

Richard S. Eurich, CFA

Equity Research Analyst

Lori A. Haller

Manager of Estate Settlement

Todd R. Jundi

Chief Compliance Officer

Wayne R. Kurpiel, CPA, MST

Tax Department Manager

sheila nilan portrait

Sheila A. Nilan

Head Trader

tim reardon portrait

Timothy P. Reardon, CFA

Investment Portfolio Analyst

Edward J. Sullivan, JD

Director of Client Development

Kurt H. Walter, CPA

Chief Financial Officer