August 8, 2016 | Investment Review

Investment Review - August 2016

  1. The major U.S. equity indices posted strong gains in July. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 2.8%, the S&P 500 added 3.6% and the Nasdaq Composite increased 6.6% for the month. The U.S. being viewed as a safe haven in a chaotic world and a relief bounce from the initial Brexit shock were the main drivers for the upward move.

  2. U.S. crude prices declined 15.9% in the month of July to $41 a barrel, hitting a three month low. An increase in U.S. production and the oil supply is the primary cause for the drop in value. Refiners also have a glut of gasoline which has driven down the price at the pump. This is bad for energy companies’ earnings, but a windfall for consumers.

  3. Fueled by low interest rates, M&A activity remains strong, especially in the technology sector. Analog Devices has agreed to buy Linear Technology for $14.8 billion and Oracle is buying cloud-services provider NetSuite for $9.3 billion. Also, Citrix is merging its GoToMeeting unit with LogMeIn. We expect mergers to continue as long as companies have access to cheap financing to fund growth.

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