January 19, 2023 | Investment Review

Investment Review - January 2023

  1. The major U.S. stock indices moved lower in December. The Dow Jones Industrial Average decreased by 4.17%, the S&P 500 was down 5.90%, and the Nasdaq Composite declined 8.73%. All three major indices had their biggest yearly losses since the financial crisis in 2008.

  2. The Fed’s rate hikes did a number on bond prices, as they lost over 12% of their value in 2022 (as measured by the Bloomberg U.S. Aggregate), marking the largest decline in decades.

  3. The yield curve will end the year inverted, as 2-year Treasury yields of 4.42% are substantially higher than 10-year treasury yields of 3.88%. This inversion, the largest in forty years, is a classic recession warning sign from the Treasury market.

Key Investment Statistics

key investment statistics january 2023

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